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Product Recommendations

I am often asked by my patients to recommend useful products that may help them relieve their pain, prevent the development of a repetitive strain injury, make their life easier when wearing a cast, or simply make their lives easier.

In response to these requests I have created this list of useful products spanning a variety of categories.


If you are looking for a product to solve a problem you have with your hand, wrist, elbow, or shoulder and nothing is listed, please contact me and let me know what you are trying to find. I will do some research and post any useful products I discover.


Life is a team sport! If you have discovered a product that really has made a difference for a hand to shoulder problem, please let me know. I will be happy to post this for others to see and acknowledge your assistance if so desired.


Neither I nor any of my family or friends have a direct or indirect affiliation with any of these companies or their retailers. I don't get any money for these recommendations, your visit to their sites, or your purchase. This is simply a service I provide to my patients.


 A great gift for a gardener with

 hand pain.

Florian Pruning Tools
8 inch Bionic Wrench™ -- Black Oxide Finish - Click Image to Close
It's often hard to find the right tool for the job. A good grip is critical to remove stubborn nuts or bolts.

Loggerhead Tools
 magnetic finger glove t14 MAGNETIC FINGER AND GLOVE 

A great tool for any handyman. Looking for a good holiday gift for that special someone. Check out this unique tool which allows you to hold screws, nails, and pins with only one finger. 


The best pen ever! 

Say goodbye to thumb pain.

 toenail clippers These oversized finger and toenail clippers will allow you to trim your nails without hand or wrist pain. 
 Easy Grip Clippers
Core Bed Wedge Pillow
A great aide for those with shoulder pain at night. Using a pillow wedge allows you to rest your shoulder by sleeping somewhat upright. This takes the force off your shoulder allowing you to finally get some sleep. A great postoperative tool.

Buy refills for your PenAgain pen. PenAgain Refills


For those of you who want 

to swim in your cast this is the 

only product for you.

  Superior Glove has one of the widest ranges of work gloves in the industry. Carrying over 2500 styles of gloves! Whether you're looking for Kevlar® gloves, Cotton gloves, Rubber gloves or Leather gloves, for any application, they have a glove.
  Nordic Gear Lectra Battery... Although snow is not a common problem here in Vegas you will certainly appreciate a pair of heated gloves if you spend time camping, hunting, or fishing it the winter.  This website shows a great number of heated glove options. I don't have data on which is the best but give it a look.
  Check out this website with instructions on making realistic appearing skeleton hands for Halloween.    Halloween Hands


Visualization: As part of our warm up, we bring you to a higher level of connection with your physical, mental and spiritual self by visualizing the benefits before starting any movement.

Weights: We use weights to achieve the maximum strength building in your body through slow, sustained movement and minimal workout time. Studies have shown the use of weights builds strong muscles and bone mass. We also use the weights to develop physical balance and trust.

Yoga: We use yogic stretches and breathing to relieve stress, oxygenate your system, and teach beauty, allowing you to work from the inside out.

Meditation: This is used to connect with yourself at your highest level, confirming and enhancing your strong physical self, your open heart, your positive mind and your ever-present spirit. Say yes to Life!

 Ageless Woman Workout
Pain Control Self Help CD
This 2 Part Pain Control Hypnosis CD includes:

An information session that you may listen to anytime and anywhere as often as you wish.
  ·  The hypnosis relaxation and programming session.

Also included on this self-help CD series is a bonus track entitled "Relaxation and Color Healing." It is also a hypnosis relaxation session that you can use to enhance any part of your life and will apply as a general relaxation program. I hope you enjoy it.
Pain Control through meditation and self hypnosis


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