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Your hands are the key to your world! You don't usually consider their vital role until you cannot use them.  An injuries to your hand are a physical and emotional blow. They may prevent you from being fully able to work, play, or even be a parent.  Injuries that require surgery usually mean a lengthy and uncomfortable recovery process.  With a severe injury to your hand or fingers you are often left with permanent loss of motion, sensation, or discomfort to forever be a reminder of the event.


This section of our website has been created not to scare you but to arm you with the education you need to live your life to the fullest while preventing injury to your hands.

We have compiled helpful articles, safety tips, videos, and slide shows addressing the most common risks to your hand health.  As a hand surgeon I see patients who have experienced unfortunate injuries for a variety reasons some unavoidable, most however could have been avoided or lessened with a few easy safety precautions.

I hope you enjoy our Injury Prevention Section and please let us know if something you learned here helped keep you out of the Emergency Room!  


                                                                                                        Ryan J. Grabow, MD

 last updated 6.18.09



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