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Patient Home Instructions

Patient Home Instructions

Welcome to the Home Care Instructions Section of our website. This section is intended only for current patients of the Grabow Hand to Shoulder Center who have been directed to this page as a reference for home care instructions provided by Dr. Grabow.  This section is not intended to be used fro self diagnosis or treatment. You should contact your physician before initiating any treatment.

If you have any questions please call the office: 702-433-9533.

 1  How to make an elevation pillow at home
Simple technique to help elevate your hand or wrist at night while you sleep!
 2  How to use your "pink" post-op pillow
Pictures and demonstrations of the various ways to use your post-surgical "pink" pillow to elevate your hand, wrist, or elbow
 3  Wet to dry dressing change
Step-by-step instructions and video of how to do a wet-to-dry dressing to your wound.
 4  How to empty a drain
Instructions on proper technique to empty a post-surgical drain.


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